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The third eye chakra is closely associated with how to kiss - the greeting kiss!

Greeting Kiss

Later we shall see the connection between the crown chakra and the French kiss leading its way to the hot kiss that it turns into.

In fact all the seven chakras are intimately related to the very basic functions of our physiology as well as our psychology and as we open them, we enter the realm of metaphysical passion leading its way to the spiritual compassion that is the ultimate human potential we can finally end up in.

And the bright eyes that we start our spiritual (in the reference of energy, not religion) journey with, keep turning brighter and brighter as we move deeper and deeper into the realms of energy through summoning it by opening chakras one by one by one!

In yesterday's post we had squeezed lips to form the English letter O.

Squeeze Lips

Isn't it the same as the kiss that we do when we formally hug and kiss a person on cheeks as a gesture to greet her/him; or else whe we kiss a kid affectionately?

Affectionate Kiss

We only don't open our eyes FULL along!

Greeting Kiss

Had we done that, we would have opened our third eye right away, every time we greeted someone as a protocol anywhere and everywhere.

Even our greeting wouldn't have remained just a formal gesture then, as it simply would have entered the domain of the real energy of interaction!

Kiss Art

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