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iconThe Power of Aloe Vera Juice. When my sister underwent radiation treatment for throat cancer her Doctor told her she would experience burning around the area of treatment and in some cases have been known to burn through the skin before completion of treatments.

Naturally caution and fear overwhelmed her so she decided to drink Aloe Vera juice since it heals burns rapidly, during the entire process three time a day. This was 10 years ago at that time you could buy a gallon of Aloe Vera Juice for about 19 dollars at Wall Mart. They no longer carry that product. I have just found the same product and wanted to share this with you. Aloe Vera has many benefits to the human body packed with amino acids, vitamins, calcium, enzymes, sodium, nitrogen and more.

Aloe Vera include 75 nutrients and proved to be the best remedy for burns and wounds. This herb is very beneficial for reducing the blisters and sores. Aloe Vera can be utilized like a food preservative such as fresh fruit and legumes. It is utilized as an option to synthetic preservatives such as sulfur dioxide. One can also use aloe Vera as a medication to treat skin problems such as cuts, eczema and burns. Aloe Vera drains some fluid which is beneficial to reduce inflammation and pain.

A study has shown that when gel made up of Aloe Vera is applied on severe and moderate burns it takes just six days to recover from the wound. There are many cosmetic companies that mix aloe Vera fluid to many items such as makeup, sunscreens, soaps, shampoos and moisturizers. Many people who have sensitive and dry skin mainly utilize Aloe Vera gel. One can also treat fungal infections such as ringworm by using Aloe Vera products.

Aloe Vera juice is hard to find and also helps people who suffer from heartburn, ulcers and other digestive diseases. It also offers relaxation to people who suffer from indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome. In some cases, one can use it like a medication. It also decreases the pigmentation and dark spots of the face. Therefore, there are large numbers of uses of Aloe Vera. My sister has never had a return case of throat cancer like most do. I'm not saying that Aloe Vera cured her cancer I'm just saying that it did something and her Doctor was amazed too that she didn't burn at all not even redness around the throat area.

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